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  1. Apply for a visitor firearms licence at least one month before your visit.
  2. Please complete all required sections of this form.
  3. A fee set by regulations will be required upon arrival (NZ$25).
  4. Complete this application for:
    • A visitors licence to use sporting rifles and shotguns; or
    • A visitors licence endorsed to use pistols and/or Military-Style Semi-Auto (MSSA) rifles or shotguns; and (if importing firearms)
    • A permit to import firearms / restricted airguns.
  5. The licence form issued to you by New Zealand airport police at the airport you arrive at (first) in New Zealand shall be your licence (and permit to import). The licence will be issued if you meet all of the criteria for the class of licence applied for, provided that you have arranged NZ police approved secure storage for any firearms you import or intend to use while in New Zealand.
  6. To be valid the Firearms Licence must be accompanied by your passport. You must carry the firearms licence and your passport while you have possession of any firearms.
  7. The Visitors Firearms Licence is valid for one year or until you leave New Zealand, whichever is sooner.

Note: Importing Firearms

  1. If you are importing Restricted Firearms - please list these (Military-Style Semi-Auto (MSSA) Rifle or Shotgun, Pistols, or Restricted Airguns) as the first item(s) when choosing from the drop down menu in the importing section of this form. You will require an endorsement on the licence if you are importing or intend to use Military-Style Semi-Auto (MSSA) Rifles or Shotguns, and/or Pistols.
  2. Any firearms or restricted airguns which you import must be approved types for use in New Zealand.
Applicant Personal details
Provide your given first name as it appears on your passport or other identification.
Please provide your middle or christian name(s) as it appears on your passport or other identification.
Please provide your last name as it appears on your passport or other identification.
Please provide your email address, which will be used in any electronic correspondence between you and us.
Your date of birth as it appears on your passport or other identification.
Home Address
Please provide your normal residential address including your country.
Applicant Identity details
Please provide your passport no, which is displayed on your passport.
Firearms licence
Address while in NZ
The main address where you will be staying while in NZ.
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